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Risks you accept when shopping for the "best limo price"
With Limo Hire, there is NO risk...

  • If your limousine does not show up, you risk missing or delaying your function. At Limo Hire, we guarantee that this will not occur.

  • We guarantee that what you order is what you get as we do not want ourselves or our clients to face an embarrassing situation. For example, an old rusting 1985 model limousine arriving at your door.

  • Providing you and your guests with an unbeatable service which will do yourselves and us proud, leaving a lasting impression in limo hire.

  • All our limousines are in good, clean and 100% working condition to avoid any unnecessary problems on your journey.

  • Our limo drivers are equipped with the right insurance to drive the limousines and our clients with confidence.

  • We supply a bottle of bubbly for all limousine hires and added extras to ensure your trip is one you will not forget in a hurry.

  • All our limo drivers wear full uniform that ties in with our brand image of a Luxury Service.

  • Our limousines have Satellite Navigation Tracker Devices and Hands Free Mobile Phones.

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